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                      Not Just A Jingle by Leigh Crizoe

Not long ago I mentioned to someone I had just met that I was the creator, writer, and the producer of the classic campaign and jingle called “You’ve Got The Look, The Jordache Look”. The person said I remember that, and sang the whole jingle word for word. The jingle is not aired that much now, although it was played constantly on TV for many years. This kind of thing happens to me all the time with advertising campaigns and jingles I have written over the years. I guess the famous line “You can’t hum the Announcer” is really true. I don’t really like the word “jingle”. What we do is  create campaigns that use tools like music, comedy, and other elements that make people feel good about companies, products, services, ideas, and even people.

We did a campaign and jingle for a small group of dentists in New York City. The hook I created was “For A Pain Free Smile See Dr’s Mailman & Flug. They increased their business over 500% in just eight weeks on local radio. It’s amazing…. The right words and music made people go to the dentist, and ones with difficult names.

One of the branding stratagies we created and produced Called” Nobody Beats The Wiz” was turned into a hit song and to date has sold over a million copies. The Jingle also wound up in an episode of Seinfeld. Recently Kanye West used a sample of it.

We put a lot of serious thought and research into projects we take on. Whether it’s a national advertiser, or a small local account, you get the same great service, and the price is always right. The wonderful thing about doing business today is that the internet allows us to write and produce ideas for you no matter where you are. We can email them to you the instant they are done. We are currently developing  a jingle library of tested concepts for banks and car dealers that we can license in you in your area at very reasonable prices.


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